Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

The e-commerce and buying/selling landscape in Nigeria has grown tremendously over the years. Getting items quickly and efficiently across cities and countries is more critical now than ever before and it is directly proportional to the Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria offering premium services.

While Nigeria’s poor infrastructure poses challenges in moving items domestically, shipping and logistics become even more difficult when businesses need to transport goods internationally to/from Nigeria.

Choosing dependable shipping companies in Nigeria that can deliver items on time is key for businesses operating globally or with overseas clients. The top shipping firms provide services like speedy delivery, package tracking, professional packing, and customs brokerage. 

This article profiles the top 24 shipping companies in Nigeria that offer reliable domestic and international delivery.

Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria:

1. FedEx

Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

Global logistics company providing international shipping and courier services in Nigeria.


FedEx Nigeria Contact: +234 7080601198

2. DHL

Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

International courier and logistics company offering services like express delivery, freight forwarding, etc. 


Contact: +23414625200

3. UPS

Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

Global shipping and logistics company providing domestic and international delivery services.


Contact:  +234-1-2713605, +234-1-2713606

4. Red Star Express

A leading logistics company in Nigeria providing cargo, courier, and haulage services.


Contact: 0700REDSTAR (07007337827), 01-2715670

5. SkyNet Worldwide Express

Global logistics company offering international shipping, cargo and courier services in Nigeria.


Contact: 07000759638, 09056533136

6. CourierPlus

Provides international courier services to over 230 countries worldwide from Nigeria.


Contact: +234-700-CPLUSNG. +234 0703 307 4129, +234 0903 775 5679

7. Fortune Global Shipping

International freight forwarder offering worldwide shipping and logistics solutions.


Contact: +234 814 968 7490

WhatsApp No: +234 9036628813

8. Sigma Start

Offers reliable international and domestic cargo shipping in Nigeria.


Contact: 0809 444 4136, 0809 444 4137

9. Tranex

Top logistics company providing cargo, courier, and haulage services in Nigeria. 


Contact: +2348123682573

10. Zenith Carex International

Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

Clearing, freight forwarding, and warehousing services in Nigeria.


Contact: +2348098881270 or +234703 211 4180

11. Sendbox

This is a Local and international courier company offering delivery services in Nigeria and internationally to anywhere.


Contact: +23417006150

12. Kobo360

Logistics platform for haulage and cargo delivery services in Nigeria.


Contact: +234 818 678 0000

13. AB Logistics

A budget delivery company offering cheap rates for packages in Nigeria.


Contact: +234 704 614 5125

14. EMS Speedpost

Courier arm of NIPOST providing nationwide delivery services. 


Contact: +234-9087100300, +234-9087100301

15. GIG Logistics

Top 24 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria in 2023 With Their website links, and contact details

A delivery company offering domestic and international courier services.


Contact: 08139851120,  08170000021

16. ABC Cargo Express

Logistics company providing haulage, courier, and transportation services.


Contact: 0813 986 2090, 08142552445, 080-63261919.

17. ACE Logistics(African Courier Express)

E-commerce delivery company with nationwide coverage in Nigeria.  


Contact: in**@ac*.ng 

18. Maersk Line

Global shipping and logistics company with presence in over 130 countries.


Contact: +23417002100, +23 480 397 630 69

19. MSC Nigeria(Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria)

Major container shipping and logistics solutions provider in Nigeria.


Contact:  +234 8139862340. ng********@ms*.com

20. Sifax Group

Offers various shipping and logistics services like freight forwarding, haulage etc.


Contact: 234-01-7120041


234 (0) 810 5364 016

234 (0) 810 537 6814

21. Topship

Local and international courier company providing door-to-door deliveries. 


Contact: +2349080777728

22. Swift Delivery Logistics

Indigenous courier company offering nationwide delivery services.


Contact: +234 800 659-3647

23. Mainstream Cargo Limited

Sea and air freight company providing haulage services.  


Contact: +234 8090281111

24. Ship To Naija

International and domestic courier company based in Lagos.


Contact: +17135976132, (+234)07008007000

25. Multimix Academy

Multimix is not a logistics company but they provide education on how to manage your logistics. Multimix Academy is Nigeria’s leading professional education and training provider focused on supply chain management, international trade, and logistics. Established in 2002, Multimix has over 20 years of experience providing high-quality capacity-building and skills development programs.


Contact: +234 7068675462

Which Shipping Company is Best to Ship to Nigeria?

For international deliveries to Nigeria, top global logistics providers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL are reliable options for direct door-to-door shipment. Their worldwide network coverage, shipment tracking, and express delivery services make them leaders in global shipping.

For cargo shipments, multinational firms like Maersk Line and MSC Nigeria provide robust container shipping and haulage solutions from worldwide ports to Nigeria.

Leading indigenous companies like Red Star Express, Tranex, and Swift Delivery are good for domestic shipments within Nigeria. E-commerce-focused players like Sendbox, Ace Logistics, and Kobo360 also enable online retailers to ship locally and across Africa.

Businesses must evaluate factors like cost, delivery time, tracking facility, insurance, and customer service when selecting the best shipping partner for their needs.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Shipping Company in Nigeria

Shipping goods within Nigeria or exporting/importing to/from other countries can be a complex process. Choosing the right shipping company is key to ensuring your items arrive safely and on time. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a shipping company in Nigeria:

Reliability and Reputation

Look for established companies with a solid reputation for reliable and on-time delivery. Read reviews and talk to other customers about their experiences. Avoid companies with a track record of delayed shipments or damaged goods.

Services Offered

Determine what services you need (air freight, sea freight, warehousing, customs brokerage, etc.) and choose a company that can provide them. Make sure the company ships to your desired domestic and international destinations.


Compare quotes from multiple companies. Weigh costs against services offered. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Make sure you understand what is and isn’t included in the pricing.

Insurance Coverage 

Ensure the company offers cargo insurance to cover loss or damage. Review policy terms carefully regarding coverage limits and exclusions.

Technology and Tracking

Modern shipping companies use tracking technologies like GPS and RFID to pinpoint a shipment’s location at all times. Choose a company that utilizes the latest tech to provide shipment visibility.

Customer Service 

You want to work with a company that has responsive, knowledgeable customer service available to address any questions or issues promptly. This includes flexible pickup/delivery options.

Experience with Certain Goods

Some companies specialize in shipping specific types of goods like perishable food items or hazardous materials. If shipping special items, choose a company with experience in that area.

By evaluating factors like pricing, reputation, technology, and services, you can identify and select the best shipping partner for your needs in Nigeria. This will provide added assurance and peace of mind for every shipment.

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