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Bayelsa State Postal Codes Search

Are you searching for Bayelsa State Postal Codes, Bayelsa zip codes or any postal code under Bayelsa state? you have come to the right place. All Bayelsa postal codes are here from Yenagoa postal code to Otuoke Postal code.

List of all Bayelsa postcodes under Bayelsa State

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Bayelsa State Postal Codes Search

wdt_ID Postcode Location Area/District City/LGA Type State
1 560232 2nd Civil Service quarters Nipost Makt Yenagoa Urban Bayelsa
2 562101 Abadikiri Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
3 560103 Abagbene Oporoma Soutern Ijaw Rural Bayelsa
4 569101 Abasere Yenagoa (Rural) Yenagoa Rural Bayelsa
5 562101 Abedigbene Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
6 562103 Abobir Ogbia Ogbia Rural Bayelsa
7 560103 Abolgbene Oporoma Soutern Ijaw Rural Bayelsa
8 562101 Abolikiri Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
9 561101 Abuku Sagbama Sagbama Rural Bayelsa
10 562101 Abulobiri Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
11 562101 Adaakou Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
12 561101 Adagbabiri Sagbama Sagbama Rural Bayelsa
13 562101 Adamkiri Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
14 562102 Adukiri Nembe Nembe Rural Bayelsa
15 562102 Agada Nembe Nembe Rural Bayelsa
16 562101 Agbakabiriyai Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
17 561101 Agbere Sagbama Sagbama Rural Bayelsa
18 569101 Agbia Yenagoa (Rural) Yenagoa Rural Bayelsa
19 569101 Agbobiri Yenagoa (Rural) Yenagoa Rural Bayelsa
20 560103 Agidigbere Oporoma Soutern Ijaw Rural Bayelsa
21 561101 Agoro Sagbama Sagbama Rural Bayelsa
22 569101 Agorogbene Yenagoa (Rural) Yenagoa Rural Bayelsa
23 561101 Agorogbene Sagbama Sagbama Rural Bayelsa
24 562102 Agrisaba Nembe Nembe Rural Bayelsa
25 562101 Agubagaha Brass Brass Rural Bayelsa
Postcode Location Area/District City/LGA Type State

A brief discussion about Bayelsa state

Bayelsa State Postal Codes Search

Bayelsa is a state located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria’s South-South region. It was established in 1996 when it was separated from Rivers State. The capital city of Bayelsa is Yenagoa, which is prone to annual floods.

The state is bordered by Rivers State to the east and Delta State to the west, with the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It has an area of 10,773 square kilometers and is made up of eight local government areas: Ekeremor, Kolokuma/Opokuma, Yenagoa, Nembe, Ogbia, Sagbama, Brass, and Southern Ijaw. The state is home to the Ijaw, Isoko, and Urhobo peoples, and is the smallest state in Nigeria by population and one of the smallest by area.

The economy of Bayelsa is heavily reliant on the petroleum industry, as it is the site of the Oloibiri Oilfield and has the largest natural gas reserve in the country. However, the state is plagued by poverty and pollution due to oil spills.

What is Bayelsa State Postal Code(Bayelsa state postcode)?

Bayelsa State Postal Codes Search

The Bayelsa State Postal Code ranges from 560001 to 562101. The General Post Office, which serves as the NIPOST Headquarters, is located in the capital city of Yenagoa at 4 Hospital Road, Ovom. Bayelsa State is situated within the South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.