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The North-Central region, also known as one of Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, is mostly located in the Middle Belt of the country. It encompasses six states – Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, and Plateau – as well as the Federal Capital Territory.

The North-Central region covers the entire width of Nigeria, from its border with Cameroon to that with Benin. It is characterized by the Guinean forest-savanna mosaic, with the western part of the zone belonging to the West Sudanian savanna ecoregion. Plateau State is particularly known for the Jos Plateau, which is located in the eastern-central section of the zone.

Approximately 20 million people, or 11% of Nigeria’s total population, reside in the North-Central region. The cities of Abuja, Ilorin, and Jos are the most populous in the North-Central region and also rank among the top eight most populous cities in Nigeria. Abuja, being the country’s capital, is located in the Federal Capital Territory.

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