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Imo State Postal Codes Search

Are you searching for Imo State Postal Codes, Imo zip codes or any postal code under Imo state? you have come to the right place. All Imo postal codes are here from Owerri postal code to Orlu Postal code.

List of all Imo postcodes under Imo State

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wdt_ID Postcode Location Area/District City/LGA Type State
1 460118 & Umuevo Ngor/Ihite/Umu Ngor/Okpala Rural Imo
2 462113 (Umuafeze) Okpofe Ezinithitte Rural Imo
3 462122 (Umuawam) Obizi Ezinithitte Rural Imo
4 462122 (Umueluma) Obizi Ezinithitte Rural Imo
5 473271 .Orji St. Umuokwara Umuokwara Orlu Urban Imo
6 473271 .Umuokwara Umuokwara Orlu Urban Imo
7 460115 32 Artillary Bgd Obinze Owerri West Rural Imo
8 460251 Aba Rd. Umuoyima Emmanuel College Layout Owerri Urban Imo
9 470212 Aba St. Ubahu Okigwe Urban Imo
10 464113 Abaccheka Egbema Ohaji Egbema Rural Imo
11 463113 Abacheka Ekwereazu Town Ahiazu Mbaise Rural Imo
12 471104 Abaeke Osu-Ama Isiala Mbano Rural Imo
13 463113 Abaezi Ekwereazu Town Ahiazu Mbaise Rural Imo
14 464113 Abaezi Egbema Ohaji Egbema Rural Imo
15 473110 Abaha Okporo Orlu Rural Imo
16 473114 Abahb Awo Idemili Orsu Rural Imo
17 463118 Abakuru Ogwuama/Amuzi Ahiazu Mbaise Rural Imo
18 464118 Abakuru Mgbirichi Ohaji Egbema Rural Imo
19 471124 Abali/Anyam Amaigbo Nwangele Rural Imo
20 474118 Abamba Akuma Akuma/Amagu Oru East Rural Imo
21 473110 Abara-Durueze Okporo Orlu Rural Imo
22 460243 Abatoirs vet office Umuodu Owerri Urban Imo
23 464101 Abatu Oguta Oguta Rural Imo
24 474124 Abazu Okwudor Njaba Rural Imo
25 461122 Abazu Ogwa Mbaitoli Rural Imo
Postcode Location Area/District City/LGA Type State

A brief discussion of Imo State:

Imo State Postal Codes Search

Imo State, located in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, is bordered by Anambra State to the north, Rivers State to the west and south, and Abia State to the east. It is named after the Imo River, which flows along its eastern border, and its capital is Owerri.

Nicknamed the “Eastern Heartland,” Imo is the third smallest state in terms of area, but it has a population of over 5.4 million as of 2016, making it the fourteenth most populous state. The state is divided into two distinct geographical regions: the Niger Delta swamp forests in the east and the Cross-Niger transition forests in the rest of the state. The state is home to several rivers and lakes, including the Awbana, Imo, Orashi, and Otamiri rivers and the Oguta Lake.

Throughout its history, Imo State has been inhabited by various ethnic groups, with the Igbo people being the most prevalent and their language serving as a common language alongside English. Prior to colonization, the area now known as Imo State was a part of the medieval Kingdom of Nri and later the Aro Confederacy. The British defeated the Aro Confederacy in the Anglo-Aro War and incorporated the area into the Southern Nigeria Protectorate, which merged with British Nigeria in 1914.

During this time, Imo became a center of anti-colonial resistance during the Women’s War. After Nigeria gained independence in 1960, the area became a part of the post-independence Eastern Region. In 1967, the region was split and the area became a part of the East Central State. However, less than two months later, the Eastern Region attempted to secede in the Nigerian Civil War, with Imo as a part of the secessionist state of Biafra.

The state was the site of intense fighting during the war, with the city of Owerri and its surrounding area changing hands twice before Owerri was named the Biafran capital in 1969. The federal government captured Imo State in early 1970 with Operation Tail-Wind, ending the war. Following the war and the reunification of Nigeria, the East Central State was reformed until 1976, when Imo State was created by the Murtala Muhammed regime. In 1991, eastern Imo was separated to form the new Abia State.

Agriculture, particularly the production of palm oil, plays a significant role in the state’s economy, with many citizens relying on it for cooking. The extraction of crude oil and natural gas is also a minor industry in the north and west of the state.

What is Imo State Postal Code(Imo state postcode)?

Imo State Postal Codes Search
Imo State Postal Codes Search

According to the Nigeria Postal Service, the postal code for Imo State is 460001 – 475122. Imo State is situated within the South East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. The main post office for Imo state is located at NIPOST G.P.O. Ama JK 460001 Owerri, Owerri, Imo. The telephone number for this NIPOST location is 083-234428.