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Osun State Postal Codes Search

Are you searching for Osun State Postal Codes, Osun zip codes or any postal code under Osun state? you have come to the right place. All Osun postal codes are here from Osogbo postal code to Ilesa Postal code.

List of all Osun postcodes under Osun State

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Osun State Postal Codes Search

wdt_ID Postcode Location Area City/LGA Type State
1 231113 Aagba Aagba/ Ororuwo Boripe Rural Osun
2 232118 Aato Ilawo Ejigbo Rural Osun
3 233251 Aayo St. Oke Iro Ilesa Urban Osun
4 220111 Aba Aafa Kere Ife South Rural Osun
5 220115 Aba Abe Abiri Ife South Rural Osun
6 220115 Aba Aderibe Abiri Ife South Rural Osun
7 220106 Aba Adetipe Oyere II Ife North/East Rural Osun
8 232105 Aba Agberi Ojo Egbedore Rural Osun
9 232108 Aba Ajao Ikotun Egbedore Rural Osun
10 232110 Aba Ajuba Asa/ajagun-lase Ola Oluwa Rural Osun
11 232104 Aba Akan Kuta Aiyedire Rural Osun
12 220115 Aba Aladie Abiri Ife South Rural Osun
13 220115 Aba Alaja Abiri Ife South Rural Osun
14 232106 Aba Alaya Oke Osun (Alabata) Aiyedire Rural Osun
15 220108 Aba Aliyu Ifetedo Ife South Rural Osun
16 220114 Aba Andrew Osi / Ara / Joshua Ife South Rural Osun
17 233105 Aba Anu Ibodi Atakunmosa Rural Osun
18 220106 Aba Anubidi Oyere II Ife North/East Rural Osun
19 220112 Aba Atiba Aye-Amodo Ife South Rural Osun
20 232115 Aba Ayo Isero/ Ikonifin Ola Oluwa Rural Osun
21 220115 Aba Baale Abiri Ife South Rural Osun
22 232106 Aba Baale Oke Osun (Alabata) Aiyedire Rural Osun
23 220108 Aba D.F. Kolajo Ifetedo Ife South Rural Osun
24 220108 Aba Dada Ifetedo Ife South Rural Osun
25 220106 Aba Dejo Oyere II Ife North/East Rural Osun
Postcode Location Area City/LGA Type State

A brief discussion about Osun state:

Osun State Postal Codes Search
Osun State Postal Codes Search

Osun State is a state located within southwestern Nigeria, bordered by Ekiti and Ondo states to the east, Kwara State to the north, Ogun State to the south, and Oyo State to the west. It was created on 27 August 1991 from the southeastern part of Oyo State and is named after the Osun River, which flows through the state and forms much of its southwestern border with Oyo State.

The capital of Osun State is the city of Osogbo. The state has an estimated population of around 4.7 million as of 2016 and is the ninth smallest in terms of area among the 36 states of Nigeria, but the nineteenth most populous. The state is divided geographically between lowland forests in the majority of the state and the drier Guinean forest-savanna mosaic in the north.

Major rivers in the state include the Osun, Erinle, and Oba rivers. The state is home to a variety of wildlife, including the mona monkey, common kestrel, purple heron, and royal antelope, as well as some of Nigeria’s remaining Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees and African forest elephants, which inhabit the threatened forests along the southern borders with Ondo and Ogun states.

The majority of the population of Osun State is Yoruba, with the Ibolo, Ife, Igbomina, Ijesha, and Oyo subgroups being the most prevalent. In the pre-colonial period, the area now known as Osun State was divided among several Western Yoruba states, some of which were town-based, while others were part of larger empires such as the Oyo Empire. From 1877 to 1893, Western Yoruba states, including those in the present-day Osun State, fought alongside Eastern Yoruba groups in the Kiriji War against other Eastern Yoruba groups.

The war ended in a stalemate brokered by the British, and the area was subsequently colonized and incorporated into the British Southern Nigeria Protectorate, which merged into British Nigeria in 1914. After Nigeria gained independence in 1960, the area now comprising Osun State was part of the Western Region until 1967, when it became part of the Western State. In 1976, the Western State was split, and the western part became Oyo State, while the eastern part became Osun State in 1991.

Osun State’s economy is largely based on agriculture, with the main crops being cocoa, cassava, millet, maize, potato, and yam. Other important industries in the state include services, particularly in urban areas, as well as artisanal mining and livestock herding. Osun State is home to several notable landmarks, including the Obafemi Awolowo University, which is located in the town of Ile-Ife, an important center of Yoruba culture for political and religious development.

Other important cities and towns in the state include Ila Orangun, Iragbiji, Ikirun, Oke-Ila Orangun, Ijebu-Jesa, Ipetumodu, Ede, Iwo, Ejigbo, Ibokun, Ode-Omu, Otan Ayegbaju, Ifetedo, Esa-Oke, Ilesa, Okuku, Otan-Ile, and Igbajo. Osun State is known for having the second-highest literacy rate in Nigeria.

What is Osun State Postal Code(Osun state postcode)?

Osun State Postal Codes Search
Osun State Postal Codes Search

The postal code for Osun State, Nigeria is in the range of 220001 to 234103. The code number 234001 is specifically assigned to the NIPOST headquarters in this state. Osun State is located within the South West geopolitical zone of Nigeria.