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Nasarawa State Postal Codes Search

Are you searching for Nasarawa State Postal Codes or any postal code under Nasarawa state? you have come to the right place. All Nasarawa postal codes are here from Lafia postal code to Doma Postal code.

List of all Nasarawa postcodes under Nasarawa State

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Nasarawa State Postal Codes

wdt_ID Location State City/LGA Area/District Type postcode
1 Abam Nasarawa Karu Gitata Rural 961106
2 Abebasen Nasarawa Toto Gada Rural 962104
3 Abiuga Nasarawa Obi Zhemegli Rural 951101
4 Aboshon Nasarawa Nasarawa Egon Mada Station Rural 960169
5 Abu Nasarawa Lafia Assakio Rural 950102
6 Abubakar-Isaleku Nasarawa Keana Kadarko Rural 951109
7 Abui Nasarawa Karu Gitata Rural 961106
8 Abuni Nasarawa Awe Awe Rural 951103
9 Achak Nasarawa Karu Gitata Rural 961106
10 Achigogo Nasarawa Lafia Assakio Rural 950102
11 Adadu Nasarawa Toto Toto Rural 962106
12 Adadu Nasarawa Doma Agwashi Rural 950107
13 Adde Nasarawa Akwanga Agyaga Rural 960107
14 Adogi Nasarawa Lafia Assakio Rural 950102
15 Adu Nasarawa Akwanga Agyaga Rural 960107
16 Adudu Nasarawa Obi Obi Rural 951102
17 Afura Nasarawa Nasarawa Udege Rural 962102
18 Agabija Nasarawa Lafia Lafia (Rural) Rural 950101
19 Agada Nasarawa Karu Uke Rural 961103
20 Agam Nasarawa Nasarawa Udege Rural 962102
21 Agaza Nasarawa Keana Aloshi Rural 951107
22 Agbari Agbashu Nasarawa Keana Giza Rural 951108
23 Agbulagu Nasarawa Lafia Assakio Rural 950102
24 Ago Nasarawa Karu Gitata Rural 961106
25 Agoi Nasarawa Nasarawa Nasarawa Rural 962101
Location State City/LGA Area/District Type postcode

A brief discussion on Nasarawa state:

Nasarawa State Postal Codes
Nasarawa State Postal Codes

Nasarawa is a state located in Nigeria’s North Central region. It is bordered by Taraba and Plateau to the east, Kaduna to the north, Kogi and Benue to the south, and the Federal Capital Territory to the west. It was named after the Nasarawa Emirate and was formed from the western part of Plateau State on October 1, 1996.

The state has 13 local government areas and its capital is Lafia, located in the east. The Karu Urban Area, which is located in the western border with the FCT, is a major economic center. Nasarawa is the 15th largest state in terms of area and the second least populous state, with an estimated population of about 2.5 million as of 2016.

It is mostly within the tropical Guinean forest-savanna mosaic ecoregion and contains the River Benue, which forms much of its southern border, as well as a small part of the Jos Plateau in its far northeast. The state is home to various ethnic groups, including the Koro and Yeskwa in the northwest, the Kofyar in the northeast, the Eggon, Gwandara, Mada, Ninzo, and Nungu in the north, the Alago, Goemai, and Megili in the east, the Eloyi (Ajiri/Afo) in the south, the Tiv in the southeast, the Idoma in the southwest, and the Gade and Gbagyi in the west, while the Hausa and Fulani live throughout the state.

It is also religiously diverse, with about 60% of the population being Muslim, 30% being Christian, and the remaining 10% following traditional ethnic religions.

Before colonization, the area now known as Nasarawa State was divided among various states, some of which were village-based while others were part of larger empires. In the 1800s, the region was annexed by the Fulani jihad and placed under the Sokoto Caliphate as the vassal states of Keffi, Lafia, and Nassarawa. In the 1890s and 1900s, the British occupied the area and incorporated it into the Northern Nigeria Protectorate, which later merged into British Nigeria in 1914 and became independent as Nigeria in 1960.

Originally, modern-day Nasarawa State was a part of the post-independence Northern Region, but in 1967 it became a part of Benue-Plateau State. In 1976, when Benue-Plateau was split, what is now Nasarawa State became part of the new Plateau State until 1996, when western Plateau was broken off to form the new Nasarawa State.

The state’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, including the cultivation of sesame, soybeans, groundnuts, millet, maize, and yams. Other important industries include services, particularly in urban areas, and the livestock herding and ranching of cattle, goats, and sheep.

The state has experienced violence at various times in its history, particularly due to the ongoing conflict between herders and farmers over land rights. Despite this, Nasarawa has the 19th highest Human Development Index in the country and is home to several institutions of tertiary education.

What is Nasarawa State Postal Code(Nasarawa state postcode)?

Nasarawa postal codes
Nasarawa State Postal Codes

Nasarawa State, located in the North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, has a postal code range of 950001 to 962106. The code for the NIPOST Headquarters in this state is 962001.