Lagos state postal code zip codes/Ikorodu LGA postalcode

Lagos State Postal Code Zip Codes: Ikorodu LGA PostalCode

Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center, is divided into several Local Government Areas (LGAs). One of the major towns in Lagos State is Ikorodu, which falls under the Ikorodu LGA. This article aims to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Lagos State postal code zip codes for Ikorodu LGA.

Understanding the postal code system is essential for various purposes, such as sending mails, packages, and locating specific addresses. With this guide, you will have all the necessary information about the Lagos state postal code zip codes for Ikorodu LGA at your fingertips.

Lagos State Overview

Lagos State is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria and is the country’s most populous state.

The region is partitioned into five administrative divisions, each of which is then subdivided into 20 local government areas (LGAs). Some of the most popular LGAs in Lagos State include Lagos Island, Alimosho, Ikeja, Mushin, and Surulere. Ikorodu LGA is one of the major towns in Lagos State.

Ikorodu LGA Postal Code System

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is responsible for assigning postal codes to various locations in Nigeria. Postal codes, also known as zip codes, are six-digit numbers that represent specific areas or locations. The first digit of the postal code represents the region, while the second and third digits, combined with the first digit, represent the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits represent the delivery location, which can be a post office facility, a rural area, or an urban area.

In Ikorodu LGA, the postal codes are assigned to different areas and streets within the town. Below is a comprehensive list of postal codes for various locations in Ikorodu LGA:

Ikorodu LGA Postal Codes by Area

  1. Oba Ayangunris’s Palace: Areas located within Oba Ayangunris’s Palace make use of the postal code 104211.
  2. Isale I: Locations within Isale I have the postal code 104212.
  3. Lowa Estate: Areas within Lowa Estate use the postal code 104213.
  4. Ogolonta: Streets located in Ogolonta have the postal code 104214.
  5. Owutu: Areas within Owutu use the postal code 104221.
  6. Abule Abon: Streets located in Abule Agbon have the postal code 104222.
  7. Ori Okuta: Locations within Ori Okuta make use of the postal code 104223.
  8. Isawo: Areas located in Isawo have the postal code 104224.
  9. Dagbolu: Communities within Dagbolu use the postal code 104225.
  10. Eyita: Communities situated within Eyita have the postal code 104231.

Ikorodu Rural Areas Postal Codes

Ikorodu rural areas also have their own postal codes, which are essential for locating specific rural locations within the Ikorodu LGA. Below is a list of postal codes for various rural areas in Ikorodu LGA:

  1. Parafa Alagemo: 104101
  2. Poro Ojuolugbo: 104101
  3. Ogudugbu: 104101
  4. Ojogbe: 104101
  5. Oke Afa: 104101
  6. Oke Egan: 104101
  7. Oke Ijebu: 104101
  8. Oke Oko: 104101
  9. Okelisa: 104101
  10. Okokoro: 104101

… and many more rural areas within Ikorodu LGA.

Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes play a crucial role in various aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to mailing and shipping. Accurate and up-to-date postal codes ensure that mails and packages reach their intended destinations on time and without any hiccups. Moreover, postal codes are also essential for businesses that rely on location-based services and demographic information.

By using the correct Lagos state postal code zip codes for Ikorodu LGA, you can easily locate addresses, send and receive mails and packages, and even conduct market research for your business.

My Last Word On This

Having a comprehensive and up-to-date list of Lagos state postal code zip codes for Ikorodu LGA is essential for various purposes, such as mailing, shipping, and location-based services. With this guide, you now have all the necessary information about the postal codes for various areas and streets within Ikorodu LGA at your fingertips. Make sure to bookmark this page and refer back to it whenever you need to find the correct postal code for a specific location in Ikorodu LGA.